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By Daniel Scocco

No writing tip on this post, but it might still be interesting to you guys. is the newest blog on our network, and it will basically cover tech stuff, but with a twist. I know that there are thousands of blogs out there already covering tech, so unless we had a something different the blog would hardly succeed.

And that is exactly what I got with the writing team. J.R. Raphael and Luke (who also writers for are incredibly talented when it comes to adding humor and sarcasm to articles. Every day they crack me up with something different.

Even if you are not that much into tech, I am pretty sure you will appreciate the writing style there. Here is a small quote from an article titled The 5 Worst Reassurances in Tech History:

If ever there was proof that gaming executives live in a psychotically self-delusional world that makes the Nixon Administration look like a preschool fingerpainting group, it’s this statement. The N-Gage was, is, and (barring support from Jesus Christ Returned) always will be a joke in the gaming industry. The above quote is from a press release from Nokia in September 2004, celebrating the shipping of their millionth console. Note the vital word “shipping” instead of “sale” – Nokia has a habit of acting proud of how many units they build when nobody wants to buy them, which most businesses regard as a “bad thing.”

So just head to and check it out!

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