Short Story Competition 2: Seventh Round is Open for Voting

Welcome to the seventh round of the second Short Story Competition. Apparently we are going to have a total of 12 rounds. Whew, that is three months qualifying stories to the grand finale! The poll is going to remain open until the midnight of the upcoming Sunday. If you are an RSS or email subscriber, … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: Sixth Round is Open for Voting

Alright folks, it is time for another round or short stories. If you haven’t read last week’s round, check it out. The winning story was hilarious, titled Orange Bubble Power. You have until the midnight of next Sunday to vote on today’s stories. One story wins each individual round, and at the end we make … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: Fifth Round is Open for Voting

Sorry for the small delay on the fifth round. It was supposed to go live yesterday in the afternoon, but we had a small technical problem. The competition is going pretty well though. On the fourth round we had close to 500 votes, and the winning story passed to the grand finale with just 13 … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: Fourth Round is Open for Voting

The fourth round is open for voting. If you are reading this in your email inbox or via an RSS reader, remember that you need to visit the site (by clicking on the title of this post) to be able to vote on the poll. The Prizes The competition will be sponsored by WhiteSmoke. It … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: Third Round is Open for Voting

A couple of people were already sending us emails asking where the third round was. Well, here it is! As an administrative note, expect the rounds to go live at around this time on Mondays. Early in the day we already the normal post from Maeve, so I figured that spacing it a bit couldn’t … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: First Round Is Open for Voting

Sorry for the small delay. The first round was supposed to go live yesterday, but I had some technical problems on my side. From now on all other rounds will go live on Mondays though. Thanks for all the readers that sent their stories, too. The participation rate was excellent, with over 90 entries, which … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: Deadline Is Now January 11

Many readers contacted us asking for an extension on the deadline for the short story competition submissions. Considering we had the holidays in between, we agreed to. The new deadline is January 11, which is this upcoming Sunday. The first batch of stories will be published next Monday. The Rules The deadline for the submission … Read more

Short Story Competition 2: Send Us Your 1,000 Word Story

All right folks, it is time to run another Short Story Competition. The first one was highly successful with 86 entries and voting rounds that went for almost 2 months. This time, however, instead of 500 words you will be able to use 1,000. The rest of the rules are the same as you can … Read more

What Kind of Competition Do You Want Next?

The first Short Story Competition was a success. We had almost 80 entries, and on the grand final more than 5,000 people took the time to cast a vote on their favorite story. Both competitors and readers sent us several emails mentioning that they loved the competition, and that they were looking forward to the … Read more

Short Story Competition: The Winners

The competition is finally over. We had some controversies along the way, but overall I think the event was successful. I am sure that the writers enjoyed the opportunity to showcase their pieces, and that the readers enjoyed the opportunity to read stories coming from all sorts of backgrounds. A big thank you therefore for … Read more

Short Story Competition: The Grand Final

The time we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. It is the Grand Final of the first Short Story Competition on our blog. We had 8 batches over the past 8 weeks, each with 10 stories competing for an entrance on this final. As you can imagine the quality of the stories you … Read more