Calling All Book Lovers

By Sharon

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This collection of book words is not for bibliophobes (book haters), but if you love books, then these are great words for you to use in writing and conversation. They all derive from the Greek biblion, which means book.

If you’ve ever researched an essay, then you probably had to provide a bibliography – a list of books or sources on your chosen topic. The term is also used for a list of works published by a particular writer or publisher and it also refers to the study of classifying literary works. Derivatives include bibliographer, bibliographic and bibliographical. A collection of books, a library or a bibliographer’s catalogue is known as a bibliotheca.

If you suffer from bibliolatry, then it’s certain that you love your Bible and rely on it completely. Of course, you could also love books in general, in which case you could also you might have bibliomania. If you’re a bookworm, then you are a bibliophage. There are also words for those who hoard (bibliotaphe) or steal (biblioklept) books. If you love books and also collect them, then you are probably a bibliophile, while a bibliopole is a book dealer, especially in rare books. Finally, if you use random passages from the Bible or other books to predict the future, then you are engaging in bibliomancy.

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  • Neo


    This is a nice article about books. Do more about word origins. I am a tutor and find word origins a good way of teaching words and helping the students to decipher the meaning on their own.



  • Himanshu singh

    thanks for given this tips, definetlly i will improve my self

  • Sharon Hurley Hall

    I love word origins, Neo, so I’ll be happy to do some more posts like this.

  • sozzy

    This is very inspiring, i will exploit this web to the maximum.

  • jessiethought

    Wow, that’s really cool. Did you know that biblioteca in Spanish means library? It’s almost the same as bibliotheca.

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