A Shout to Our Sponsors

By Daniel Scocco

I am writing this post just to thank the Daily Writing Tips sponsors. Apart from helping to keep the blog going they also provide quality services for writers, so check them out.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please visit our “Advertise” page.

Demand Studios:Would you like to make money while writing from home? With Demand Studios you can. They have thousands of freelance writing jobs available. You just need to pick the assignments that you like, complete them and collect the payments. Apply today.

Gramlee: If you are looking for grammar check, proofreading or copy editing, look no longer. Gramlee provides these services for any type of document, from college papers to emails and blog posts. You can also test the service free of charge (up to 100 words).

NewNovelist: A writing software created with people who want to write a novel in mind. It comes with several features to help the writer, including the possibility to manage the timing of the plot, the characters, the events and so on.

1 Response to “A Shout to Our Sponsors”

  • Deb Ng

    Hey Daniel!

    I’m just back from the Demand Studios Creator Conference. They invited me to attend so I can learn more about what they do and how they work and talk with their writers and editors. We spent a few days meeting with the folks who run Demand Studios to let them know our thoughts and concerns. It was a very productive meeting, one that will ensure their future success – and that of their contributors. The amount of time and resources put into learning more about their community and ensuring their success sets them apart from every single content site out there. I’m very proud to be one of the people who are helping to spread their message.

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