90 Verbs Starting with “Ex-”

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Ex- marks the spot. Go beyond, go out on a limb, go outside your comfort zone. Get some extra excitement by using these vivid verbs starting with the syllable ex-:

1. Exacerbate: to make worse
2. Exact: to call for and obtain (“exact revenge”)
3. Exaggerate: to overemphasize or overstate
4. Exalt: to glorify or intensify
5. Examine: to inspect, investigate, or scrutinize
6. Exasperate: to aggravate or enrage
7. Excavate: to remove or expose by digging or as if by digging
8. Exceed: to be greater than or to go beyond a limit or normal boundary
9. Except: to keep out or to object
10. Excerpt: to take out or select, especially writing, for other use
11. Exchange: to trade
12. Excise: to remove by cutting or as if by cutting
13. Excite: to arouse or stimulate
14. Exclaim: to cry out passionately or vehemently
15. Exclude: to bar, or to prevent entrance or inclusion
16. Excogitate: to devise
17. Excommunicate: to bar from membership
18. Excoriate: to abrade or censure
19. Excrete: to discharge or eliminate
20. Excruciate: to torture
21. Exculpate: to clear of blame or fault
22. Excuse: to forgive or remove blame from or to justify or make an apology for
23. Execrate: to denounce
24. Execute: to carry out or perform
25. Exemplify: to embody or make an example of
26. Exempt: to set apart or release from a requirement
27. Exenterate: to disembowel
28. Exercise: to practice, train, or put to use
29. Exert: to put forth effort
30. Exfoliate: to cast off or remove
31. Exhale: to breathe out
32. Exhaust: to wear out
33. Exhibit: to show or demonstrate
34. Exhilarate: to refresh or stimulate
35. Exhort: to appeal to or to warn
36. Exhume: to disinter or to rectify neglect
37. Exile: to drive out
37. Exist: to continue to be or to have being
39. Exit: to go out
40. Exonerate: to reverse an accusation
41. Exorcise: to get rid of an evil spirit or something troublesome
42. Expand: to enlarge or spread
43. Expatiate: to wander, or to communicate at length
44. Expatriate: to banish, or to withdraw from residence or allegiance
45. Expect: to await or to suppose
46. Expectorate: to discharge or spit
47. Expedite: to cause to occur quickly, or to dispatch or issue
48. Expel: to eject
49. Expend: to spend, use up, or utilize
50. Experience: to learn or sense by direct participation or observation, or to undergo
51. Experiment: to test or try
52. Expiate: to absolve of guilt, or to make amends
53. Expire: to conclude or die, or to breath out
54. Explain: to make something known or understood or demonstrate knowledge or understanding
55. Explicate: to describe or analyze
56. Explode: to burst or give forth, or suddenly accelerate or increase
57. Exploit: to utilize, or to take advantage of knowledge
58. Explore: to analyze, investigate, or study, or to test or travel
59. Export: to carry, remove, or send
60. Expose: to make known, to show, or to subject to the elements or to view
61. Exposit: see expound
62. Expostulate: to discuss or examine
63. Expound: to argue, comment, or state
64. Express: to force out, to show, or to symbolize, or to offer feelings or opinions or to perform in order to demonstrate artistry and/or communicate creative material
65. Expropriate: to deprive of property or take another’s property for one’s own
66. Expulse: see expel
67. Expunge: to destroy or to strike out
68. Expurgate: to remove something objectionable
69. Exscind: to cut off or out
70. Exsert: to throw out
71. Exsiccate: to dry
72. Extemporize: to improvise
73. Extend: to put or send out
74. Extenuate: to mitigate or to reduce strength or effect
75. Exteriorize: to bring out from inside (as in surgery)
76. Exterminate: to get rid of or kill
77. Externalize: to rationalize, or to make manifest
78. Extinguish: to eclipse, nullify, or quench
79. Extirpate: to cut out, destroy, or uproot
80. Extol: to glorify or praise
81. Extort: to wring from, to obtain from by argument or intimidation
82. Extract: to draw out, remove, or select
83. Extradite: to deliver a fugitive from one jurisdiction to another
84. Extrapolate: to infer, expand on, or predict
85. Extravasate: to cause to escape, or to force out (as in surgery)
86. Extricate: to free or remove from difficulty, or to distinguish from
87. Extrude: to press or push out, or to shape
88. Exuberate: to demonstrate unrestrained joy
89. Exude: to diffuse or spread out, or to display obviously
90. Exult: to rejoice

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