7 Ways to Kick Start the Writing Habit

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Sometime ago I came across an interesting post on Freelance Folder outlining seven ways to get your creative juices flowing. If you have been writing for a while, you know that getting out of the occasional writer’s block is a challenging task. Below you will find the seven tips, I am pretty sure they will be useful.

  1. Write nothing but headlines
  2. Write ‘crap’ without feeling guilty
  3. Schedule regular time and show up, even if you think you can’t write
  4. Write about how you solved a problem
  5. Edit older articles
  6. Type out other people’s articles
  7. Write something right now

If you want more tips we have also covered this topic in the past, check out:

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9 thoughts on “7 Ways to Kick Start the Writing Habit”

  1. Most times I suffered from writers block in my life it is in the middle of a project. I get my protagonist so far and then I find I’m stuck. Every time the solution has been to write something else. In one case, my third novel, I ended up writing a complete set of short stories in the interim before I could return to my project with a fresh mind over a year later.

    I agree with the article though, it doesn’t matter what you write at first. You just need to get back into the habit of stringing words together. Even making comments on blogs like this is a good thing as long as you write something a bit more constructive than, “Cool blog. Really liked it.”

    It is always easier to add to something than it is to start from scratch. All I’ve done here is add an eighth and ninth entry to the list. But it made me think and that’s what you need your brain to do.

  2. Hi,

    For the last one year, I have been browsing internet to master writing skills. Like all writers, I encounter mental blocks which de-motivates. More importantly I have realized it is must to master grammar rules. Every day I see people communicating in a wrong manner whether oral and written. Reading and writing is crucial. Lastly, to master the art of writing in a formal language is a challenge. Think in English while writing.

  3. Really it gives me urge to write something,from last many days I m thinking to write whatever comes in the my mind,but after gone through this article and reviews of the people I really started to write

  4. hi
    i have gone through the daily writing tips and its found to be useful for the beginners and those who have a problem in writing.
    with regard

  5. I get really frustrated before I could write something the idea is in my head but it get so frightening to just hold my pen down on my paper.

    Thanks for posting this up gets my hopes up too!

  6. The mind is an oven of thoughts, one getting nutured in the shadow of the other.
    All we, the ones having the trouble, need to do is to add an idea or one word to the context. e.g. a simple ‘ACK’ (in dismissal) will get you thinking about your opinion; and let this flow.

    Write an idea in big then work your way to the fine details.

    This was a very interesting tip for me. Worked everytime!

  7. i have been searching different sites as a research on starting a writing habit,and atlast i found a place where i can really start doing it.nw i can really understand the dfficulty in writing even if its a single paragraph and i know the content f writing

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