50 Synonyms for Control

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Numerous words are available to take the place of control to more specifically convey one’s meaning. Here’s a list of synonyms and their senses.

1. Arrest: slow, stop, seize, or catch
2. Block: stop passage or progress; also, chart, shape, or mark outlines, and other meanings
3. Bottle: see restrain; also, literally or figuratively put into a bottle
4. Bridle: restrain as if using a bridle; also, indicate hostility or resentment as if being restrained by a bridle
5. Cap: set a limit on or prevent from growing or spreading; also, provide with a cap or other protection, conclude, or outdo
6. Check: block progress, slow, or stop, or see restrain; also, examine, inspect, or verify, or mark with a check mark or another symbol to indicate that such an action has occurred, and other meanings
7. Choke: obstruct or control growth, and other meanings
8. Circumscribe: control an activity or a range of activities, or surround
9. Confine: hold or keep within limits
10. Constrain: see confine, limit, or restrain, or hold back, or produce in a strained manner
11. Constrict: narrow or reduce
12. Contain: halt or prevent, or enclose or hold
13. Curb: control, or impose a limit
14. Detain: put into custody
15. Enjoin: see forbid, or impose an admonition or order
16. Forbid: order so as to prevent
17. Gag: control freedom of expression or freedom of speech
18. Govern: control or influence actions or exercise legitimate or illegitimate authority
19. Hamper: see impede or restrain; also, disrupt or encumber
20. Handcuff: render powerless or ineffective; also, place handcuffs on
21. Harness: use for a particular purpose
22. Hinder: see impede
23. Hold: see restrain
24. Impede: interfere with; also, slow the progress of
25. Inhibit: see prohibit and restrain, and discourage
26. Keep: see detain or restrain
27. Limit: curtail or reduce; see also restrain
28. Measure: see regulate, and other meanings
29. Mince: restrain speech for the sake of decorum or discretion
30. Muffle: see smother
31. Muzzle: see smother
32. Obstruct: see block or impede
33. Prevent: keep from existing or happening, or hold back
34. Prohibit: see forbid and prevent
35. Quell: overwhelm so as to produce passiveness or submission; also, quiet or pacify
36. Regulate: adjust or set amounts, degrees, or rates, or make laws or rules or bring under control of authority
37. Repress: see prevent and subdue
38. Restrain: keep under control; see also prevent
39. Restrict: see restrain
40. Rule: exercise authority over
41. Silence: see smother
42. Smother: prevent communication or expression; also, deprive of air or otherwise suffocate, and other meanings
43. Squelch: crush or silence, or see quell
44. Stifle: deter or discourage, or cut off, or see smother
45. Stop: put a halt to occurrence or progress
46. Strangle: see hinder and stifle; also, choke or stop someone’s breathing
47. Subdue: see curb; also, conquer, or tone down
48. Suppress: see curb, prevent, smother, and subdue
49. Swallow: keep oneself from expressing
50. Tame: bring under control; also, to humble or soften

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