Important News for Free Email Subscribers

DailyWritingTips started in 2007. Right after that we launched a free subscription to our content. Three years ago or so the free subscription was substituted by a paid, more complete subscription with exercises along with our writing tips (which allowed us to remove ads from the website). Despite the launch of the paid subscription we … Read more

10 More Naming Words Ending in -nym

eponym The person for whom something is named: chauvinism, Caesarian Section, boycott. exonym A name for a people used by outsiders and not by the people themselves. For example, English-speakers call the people of Wales the Welsh. autonym A name by which a people refers to itself. The name the Welsh people call themselves is … Read more

4 Effects Named for Famous People

Among the meanings of the noun effect is this: Any of various distinct phenomena (originally in physical science, in later use also in other technical fields and in general contexts), frequently named after the discoverer or describer, or after something or someone providing an analogy or model. This kind of effect is always prefaced by … Read more

Some Rules about Periods

The first rule a child learns about the period (Br. “full stop”) is that it ends a sentence. Where else is this little dot used, and when is it omitted? Abbreviations Abbreviations may be written with or without periods. Whether or not to use a period with the abbreviations for honorifics, such as mister, miss, … Read more

12 Words That End in -nym

Most of us are probably familiar with these -nym words: synonym a word that means the same as another word: little/small antonym a word that means the opposite of another word: little/big homonym a word that has the same sound as another word, but differs in meaning: horde/hoard acronym a word formed from the initials … Read more