The 7 Deadly Sins and Their Synonyms

Traditional views about religion and sin may be in decline, but the human behavior catalogued as the Seven Deadly Sins remains very much with us. The sins and their synonyms provide writers with words to analyze and discuss the bad things people do. Here is the list as revised from earlier versions by Pope Gregory … Read more

Awkward and Untoward

Both these adjectives are in frequent use on the web: awkward: about 163,000,000 hits in a Google search untoward: about 5,290,000. Language, as the media illustrates daily, can be used to illuminate or obscure ideas. The purpose of adjectives is to make writing more vivid. Used judiciously, they can clarify ideas being presented. The vastness … Read more

Words and Expressions from Poker

Perhaps the quintessential American card game, poker gained its first popularity on the riverboats and in the saloons of the 19th century West. Based on a European card game that involved betting and bluffing, the game was called poque in French. “To place a stake or bet” was poquer. Words and phrases associated with the … Read more