50 Open Source Resources for Writers

Why pay for Word processors, image editing software and other tools when there are solid open source alternatives around? The guys from Job Profiles just compiled in fact a big list with 50 open source resources for writers. Below you will find my favorite ones: Open Office (office suite; forget Microsoft) NotePad++ (best notepad around, … Read more

Weird Words

Browsing on the web today I came across an interested website that lists hundreds of weird words from the English language. Here are some that caught my attention: Alexipharmic – Having the quality or nature of an antidote to poison. Astrobleme – An eroded meteor impact crater. Bloviate – To speak pompously. Bromopnea – Bad … Read more

Setting Your Freelance Writing Fees

One of the most difficult things for a freelance writer is deciding what rate to charge for jobs. When working for oneself, it’s not as simple as setting a price and sticking to it rigidly for every client that comes along; there are things to consider, and all kinds of worries involved. Setting your own … Read more

Inquire vs Enquire

One of our readers, Susabelle wrote to ask: Can you take on explaining the difference between “inquire” and “enquire?” These are two spellings of the same word, which means to seek information about something or to conduct a formal investigation (usually when followed by “into”). The corresponding noun is enquiry or inquiry. Either spelling can … Read more

Andro- The Prefix That’s All Man

Andro- derives from the Greek andros (man) and denotes anything that’s male or masculine (and you thought that was testosterone 🙂 ) It’s given us several words, many of them scientific or biological: andranatomy – the dissection or structure of the male body androcentric – regarding men as being primary or central androcephalic – having … Read more

Calling All Book Lovers

This collection of book words is not for bibliophobes (book haters), but if you love books, then these are great words for you to use in writing and conversation. They all derive from the Greek biblion, which means book. If you’ve ever researched an essay, then you probably had to provide a bibliography – a … Read more

The Freelance Writer at Home

Of all the benefits of being a freelance writer, working from home has to be one of the best. You can set your own pace, manage your time how you want it, and best of all, you get to be your own boss. Leaving the negatives out of the equation for the moment, what can … Read more

Reduplicatives – Double Delight

Reduplicatives never travel alone. In fact, they always come in pairs and sometimes sound rather silly. These are the words formed through reduplication, when you repeat a word to form a new one, or slightly change the vowel or consonant. These are inventive and musical words and there are hundreds of them in English. Also … Read more

Let’s Not Eviscerate “Eviscerate”

I’ve always thought of the verb eviscerate as being a really strong word suggestive of horror. Say it aloud. Even the word’s sound seems to twist like a knife blade. eviscerate – [ee VIS er ate] intransitive verb – To take out the internal organs or entrails of; to disembowel; to gut. Used correctly, eviscerate … Read more

Euphemism and Euphuism

Political correctness is nothing new. People have desired to avoid calling a spade a spade since ancient times. People don’t die, they “pass away.” Politicians don’t commit crimes, they “make mistakes.” Married men don’t commit adultery, they “cheat.” People don’t fart, they “pass wind.” The word for this substitution of a less offensive word or … Read more

Word of the Day: Caucasian

Caucasian (kô-kā’zhən) is commonly used as an adjective to describe people from racial groups characterized by white skin, especially ones with European origin. This meaning was coined by German anthropologist Johann Blumenbach since the Caucasus Mountains (located close to the Black Sea) are homeland for most of the white races. African-American men have twice the … Read more

Creating Your Freelance Niche

Finding one’s own niche in which to write articles can be a great position to attain, and one most writers will attempt at some point in their careers. For a freelance writer just setting out, niche writing can help make the break into the business much easier, and provide a steady source of writing gigs … Read more